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India Home inc

About Charity

India Home, Inc. was founded in 2007 by a group of pioneering South Asian healthcare providers. They had personally experienced the hardship of caring for an elderly parent in the United States. Each founding member encountered the difficulties of elder care - from giving up their job to care for their parents at home, failing to find adequate and culturally appropriate care for their family, or watching their loved ones suffer in social isolation. It was this lack of culturally-tailored senior services that prompted the creation of the first professionally staffed, secular community based organization in the country dedicated to serving South Asian seniors. Through our senior center programs, recreational activities, health and wellness programs, case management services, advocacy and awareness campaigns, we are reaching the most vulnerable population consisting of physically and socially seniors. We deliver these programs through committed collaborations with existing senior centers, faith-based institutions, community-based organizations, government programs and university partnerships. Since the inception of India Home in 2008, we have served over 3,000 elder adults from all different faiths, nationalities and linguistic groups. We currently provide for over 200 elderly individuals every week across four locations in Queens, New York.

Charity Mission

To improve the quality of life of elderly by providing culturally sensitive services.

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