His Healing His Glory

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His Healing His Glory

About Charity

Ministry activity primarily occurs in North San Diego County, CA. His Healing His Glory is a three-fold ministry. In community outreach I share with people my wife’s beautiful Christian music (www.dianamarie.com) which has the anointed power to bring hope and healing. In Oct 2011 God healed our son, James, of something the world says is incurable. As our son’s healing manifested, the Holy Spirit strongly laid it on our hearts and called us to share with the multitudes that Jesus is the True Healer and to be used by the power of God to bring healing to people. I briefly share this testimony and then proceed how God leads me. Additionally, I pray for folks in any capacity, especially for God’s healing, and for people’s salvation. My heart and purpose in sharing Diana Marie’s divinely inspired music and James’ miraculous healing is to bring people closer to a relationship with Jesus Christ and thus to trust Him for their healing. It is such a blessing and an amazing opportunity to approach people face to face and share great news. We live in a culture where people lose hope too easily.

Charity Mission

Share our son's healing testimony and use prayer and music to bring hope and healing.

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