Hilarious Givers, Inc.

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Hilarious Givers, Inc.

About Charity

Hilarious Givers was founded in 2007 and formally organized as a 501(c)(3) public charity during the following year. The purposes of Hilarious Givers are two: First, to provide nutritional support to the thousands of needy and deserving children who are malnourished or undernourished and living in our neighboring state of Baja California, Mexico; and Second, to provide a way to make it easy for our friends, neighbors and workmates to reach out with compassion and help feed those precious kids. Hilarious Givers feeds or supplements the feeding of approximately 6,200 children living in Baja California. Many of those children live in orphanages or group homes, some receive a before-school meal, and some are served in community centers. While nutrition is our central mission, we also provide disaster relief as events such as hurricanes, neighborhood fires, and most recently, earthquakes occur.

Charity Mission

Hilarious Givers feeds impoverished and deserving children in neighboring Mexico.

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