Health 2 Humanity Global, Inc.

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Health 2 Humanity Global, Inc.

Health 2 Humanity provides entrepreneurial training opportunities for low-income individuals throughout Kenya, Ghana, and Uganda to start their own hygiene product businesses and contribute to the nation's overall economic development. We facilitate the sustainability of our impact by subsidizing locations for the first 6-8 months until they are fully functional, funded through our own domestic sale of Health 2 Humanity soap bars within the U.S. We have been able to start up 12 locations and employ 28 entrepreneurs with a 100% success rate in the past 2.5 years. Locations also facilitate a charitable arm by donating a portion of products to local orphanages and community centers to help eradicate preventable diseases throughout the community, of which we’ve seen a 25% disease rate reduction overall. We just got back from Kenya where we signed a $2M deal with the government to implement a hygiene factory that will provide over 500 jobs for the community with projected growth starting at 10 years, with international export opportunities as well to contribute to Kenya’s overall GPD in world rankings. As such, our growth has become exponential and we're looking for some domestic investment either in our for-profit entity or donations to our 501c3.


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