Harris Center for Conservation Education, Inc.

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Harris Center for Conservation Education, Inc.

About Charity

Our environmental education program serves children from preschool through 10th grade. We serve every child in all these grades and classes in the public schools, reaching 3,000 children in total. These students come from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. In Cheshire County, most of the children live in the city of Keene, whereas in Hillsborough County where we do most of our work, almost all of the students live in rural communities. The Harris Center protects and conserves land so that wild animals have room to roam and people have fresh air and clean waters. We have directly protected more than 24,000 acres to date. The Harris Center serves families and adults from the region who attend our community programs, which offer a very wide variety of environmental education programs and outings through all seasons. Our conservation research efforts include community science projects, such as the popular Salamander Crossing Brigades and our Hawk Watch program. The Harris Center also hosts local college interns doing field studies on our conserved lands.

Charity Mission

Promoting respect for our natural environment through education, direct land protection, & conservation research.

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