Greater Tuckahoe Area Merchants' Association, Inc.

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Greater Tuckahoe Area Merchants' Association, Inc.

About Charity

We are community-based: a bilateral, non-profit, non-political organization to preserve, restore and revitalize the village of Tuckahoe and the surrounding area and its citizens through events that educate the public about its history. Its purpose is also to provide scholarships to high school students and those students already in college in the area encompassed by the corporation and to raise money for same, to promote and preserve the area for its recreational and historical value, to provide a forum in which business owners can exchange ideas and experience with their peers, to provide a collective voice to local, State and Federal governing bodies and to attempt to achieve, by joining together a collective bargaining power.

Charity Mission

We are focused on helping local students through our Scholarship Funds & other Community-Based Projects.

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