Girls Rising

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Girls Rising

About Charity

Girls Rising is a mentorship program serving at-risk girls ages 6 to 17 in San Diego County. Our Big Sisters commit to spending time with their Little Sisters two to four times per month for a minimum of one year. We train our mentors to assist the Little Sisters with goal-setting, increasing self-esteem, and graduating each grade on time. Through our program, the Little Sisters also gain a larger support network of women and girls. We host six to eight events each year for our matches, focused on exposure to new experiences, education, and building self-esteem and life skills. We are proud of our results! 96% of our Little Sisters are meeting their annual goals, 83% of our girls are seeing a marked increase in self-esteem each year, and 100% of our Little Sisters have graduated high school! We also boast a 0% teen pregnancy rate.

Charity Mission

To empower at-risk girls to recognize their value and pursue higher goals through mentorship.

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