Freedom To Live Foundation

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Freedom To Live Foundation

About Charity

Freedom to Live Foundation (FTL) provides a “campus living” Independence Training Program for SCI individuals who desire to achieve independence and a better quality of life by managing every aspect of their lives, but need an affordable, accessible and collegic-like living environment in which they can have the time and support to learn life-long skills so they can recognize in advance and overcome the many new challenges facing them after leaving rehab, moving home or transferring from a long-term nursing facility. FTL applies all of its energy and effort into finding "what can be" for our recipients rather than merely settle for “what is.” We serve the Southern California region and work with various local, state federal a private organizations to coordinate vital services needed by SCI individuals to make independent living successful.

Charity Mission

FTL is dedicated to providing affordable and accessible housing to individuals who have survived injury.

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