Felidae Conservation Fund

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Felidae Conservation Fund

About Charity

Felidae Conservation Fund, a female-operated global non-profit organization based in San Francisco, C.A., was formed in 2006 to innovate and execute vital research, education and community programs that upgrade the weakened status of wild cat populations, connected habitat and global biodiversity. Locally the organization conducts important research and community programs on behalf of San Francisco Bay Area ecosystems, focusing on native wild felids as ecosystem engineers, and using community volunteers to build broader stewardship and conservancy connections. Felidae launched the Bay Area Puma Project (BAPP) in 2007. BAPP is a long-term study of the Bay Area’s wild cat populations and Felidae’s focal study in 2020. The goals of the study include: · Guide wildlife, transit and development authorities to steer their activities with the well-being of wild cat populations and their habitats in mind. · Raise awareness in local human populations about the presence of wild cats, their importance to flora and fauna wellbeing and managing coexistence BAPP has been operating in the Bay Area for 12 years. We have gathered 4 million+ images of terrestrial wildlife across the Bay Area's nine counties. These images help us protect all wildlife.

Charity Mission

Vital research, education & community work to protect all wild cats

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