EmpowHer Institute

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EmpowHer Institute

About Charity

Annually, EmpowHer Institute impacts over 300 marginalized teen girls in the Los Angeles area through our educational and mentoring programs, EmpowHer Girls Academy and EmpowHer Leaders Academy. Credentialed teachers and counselors create a safe and nurturing environment where teen girls realize their self-worth and capabilities, gain confidence and leadership skills, and explore college and career paths. Professional and business women serve as mentors, they expose EmpowHer girls to careers in a multitude of industries and build positive relationships which result in EmpowHer girls feeling supported and encouraged to set and achieve personal, academic and career goals. EmpowHer Institute’s unique approach of linking educational intervention, which fosters social and emotional learning with mentorship, empowers teen girls by giving them the tools they need to cope with challenges, stay engaged in school, graduate from high school, and design their own future.

Charity Mission

Serving at risk teen girls in Los Angeles to build character, confidence, and career readiness.

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