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Empact Northwest

About Charity

Empact Northwest specializes in Urban Search and Rescue and emergency preparedness training for vulnerable communities. Founded in 2010 in response to the Haiti earthquake, we are dedicated to providing technical rescue service, direct medical care, and education around the world to those who need it most, regardless of national or political affiliation. Based in Puget Sound, Empact's USAR Task Force utilizes highly trained volunteers from all walks of life, including firefighters, paramedics, physicians, nurses, and logistics professionals. Empact Northwest implements direct rescue operations and constitutes a force multiplier for local authorities. In past responses, Empact has deployed teams to Haiti, Sierra Leone, Japan, the Philippines, Nepal, Oso, Washington, and the Bahamas responding to disasters and health crises in each location. Empact is one of a very small group of non-governmental USAR Task Forces in the world and is the only internationally deployable non-governmental USAR Task Force in the United States.

Charity Mission

Train first responders. Prepare vulnerable communities. Respond to disaster.

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