Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy

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Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy

About Charity

Leadership. Gender Equity, Character. Teamwork. Communication. Reducing the average dropout rate from 62% to under 15% for children under 14 in India. These are Crossover's Five Pillars and the Results. By inspiring and preparing marginalized students from the bottom of the socioeconomic pyramid to continue in their educational pursuits through graduation - to go beyond being a less poor rickshaw driver or house servant and have HOPE - and therefore the CHOICE to pursue their DREAMS and impact India and moreso the world. By engaging US high school and college student-athletes as our volunteer faculty - we provide our scholars with impactful immediate role models who they can envision as their future self. Our approach is inherently different when looking at impacting marginalized communities education. Rather than burden children with an emphasis on more hours of work, more rote memorization, and more expectations and judgement than privileged children with less in school resources, we have taken to using the idea of play in a team sport to impact change and create hope. Empowering through play allows our scholars to actively learn critical thinking and continuously witness progress.

Charity Mission

Increasing graduation rates in India using basketball as a vehicle of change.

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