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About Charity

Our aim is to increase the capacity and skillsets of local reef managers and divers around the globe to empower a new generation of action oriented marine conservationists. Through training courses we are giving people from many different backgrounds the knowledge to initiate action, and through our networks helping those who want to make a difference join up and realize their goals. We offer a wide range of different courses in various aspects of professional level marine science, protection, restoration and conservation. Our in depth courses include theory, skill development, practical experience, and certifications. By working with local communities we help raise stakeholder capacity to empower them to take control over the resources their community depends upon. We have a series of scientifically based (and proven) techniques that can be implemented in any location where SCUBA diving is possible. These methods and techniques are taught to local reef managers, who then become certified in teaching them. By teaching our courses, not only are the conducting the necessary work, but also raising stakeholder capacity within their community, generating income through Eco-tourism, and creating sustainable revenue through the sale of certification cards.

Charity Mission

To establish effective marine conservation and research centers in communities worldwide

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