Connectopod Learning, Inc.

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Connectopod Learning, Inc.

About Charity

Connectopod Learning, Inc., a 501(c)3 was founded in 2017 by Betsy Foldes Meiman, a professional voice-over artist, and Andrea Longoria Lopez, a nonprofit program administrator. The two met at an afterschool program in Pacoima, CA where Betsy volunteered in a program that Andrea managed. Betsy brought in her recording equipment so her students could practice their speaking, pronunciation, and presentation skills. These goals were achieved, and the project grew over the next 5 years to include a full, youth driven podcast series. After 5 years of growing the youth podcast (2012 - 2017) Betsy and Andrea decided to confound Connectopod to bring podcast programming, media production and storytelling to youth across Los Angeles. Since 2017, Connectopod has partnered with youth serving organizations all over LA to reach over 140 youth, and had produced over 50 shows, which you can hear at

Charity Mission

Connectopod connects youth to their communities, their peers, and their voices through podcast.

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