Compassionate Hope Foundation

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Compassionate Hope Foundation

About Charity

We are dedicated to working with widows, children, families, and communities to overcome the harsh enemy of poverty. We also offer aid to children from the slums of major cities and severely impoverished villages, providing homes, orphanages, and feeding centers. We provide Homes of Hope for the least of these children. Homes of Hope offers a place of refuge for children and teens who are at high risk of being exploited. These children face risks every day and have been threatened to be sold as child brides or human slaves, abandoned by parents in slavery, orphaned by parents with disease, or persecuted because of their parents' faith in Christ. By supporting the work that Compassionate Hope is doing in Asia, one gives these children a home, a hope, and a future. “He who has mercy on the poor, happy is he.” Psalms 14:21

Charity Mission

To work with widows, children, and families in impoverished communities to improve their lives.

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