Community Rebuilders

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Community Rebuilders
Community Rebuilders, founded in 1993 by Ron Eberhardt, is a non-profit agency dedicated to ending homelessness and creating safe, affordable housing opportunities in Kent County. As an active member of the Coalition to End Homelessness, we also work closely with other agencies to provide services to help with the transition from homelessness, to being housed. We take great pride in our innovative, and client focused strategies that allow us to help, and house many of our neighbors in the community. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our agency or programs. Philosophy: Safe, affordable and decent housing is a basic human right. Mission: Rebuilding hope through housing opportunities for families and individuals with support services during transitions. Strengths-based: Strength-based practice is about partnering in order to help service recipients identify, and use their strengths, and resources to overcome obstacles, and live empowered lives. It is an evidenced based approach, that focuses on what is strong, not what is wrong. Housing First: Housing First is an evidenced based approach to ending homelessness that centers on providing homeless families and individuals with housing quickly and then providing services as needed.

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