Chaplaincy Health Care

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Chaplaincy Health Care

About Charity

The team from Chaplaincy Health Care focuses on the entire person – their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We guide, comfort and care for people experiencing serious illness, end of life, behavioral health issues, personal crisis and grief. Our heritage of compassion began in 1971 when a group of local churches in the Tri-Cities area established a program with one chaplain to provide outreach to people not being served in jails and nursing homes, and people coping with dying or the loss of a loved one. Incorporated in 1972, we added more chaplains and volunteers during the next decade, and in 1981, we accepted our first hospice patient. Chaplaincy Health Care has continually honed our medical expertise with a significant number of board-certified clinical team members and a high ratio of RNs, social workers and chaplains to provide guidance, care and comfort with the highest standards of excellence. Our desire is for our entire community – patients, families and other healthcare providers – to know Chaplaincy Health Care as the vast resource and partner we are for hospice services, palliative care, behavioral health, chaplain services and grief support. Chaplaincy Health Care is a nonprofit organization and assists all individuals in need throughout.

Charity Mission

To serve others with exemplary spiritual, emotional and physical care.

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