Challah for Hunger

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Challah for Hunger

About Charity

Challah for Hunger is a grassroots social justice organization, centered around challah bread. Our chapters bake and sell challah and donate their profits to other organizations that provide direct aid. Each chapter gives half of its profits to our national cause--MAZON:A Jewish Response to Hunger--and chooses what organizations to support with the other half of its profits. In the process of baking and selling challah, and raising and donating money, many other outcomes occur: CfH brings people together in the kitchen, the perfect environment for developing friendships, strengthening communities and building bridges. CfH develops leaders; we complement the leadership experiences at the chapter level with on-the-job coaching. CfH inspires by demonstrating what's possible. CfH empowers people in the kitchen; most of our chapters are college-based, and learning the kitchen is an important step in moving away from home and growing up.

Charity Mission

We bring people together to bake challah to raise funds and awareness for social justice.

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