Center for Latino Progress - CPRF

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Center for Latino Progress - CPRF

About Charity

BiCi Co’s is the social enterprise of the Center that aims to support youth and adult workforce training and community leadership in the region. BiCi Co provides programs that serve Hartford area resident’s strong need for efficient, inexpensive and safe transportation that increases fun, health, and expands social/economic opportunities. Vision: BiCi Co’s vision is that everyone in the Hartford area possesses the skills, access, and awareness to ride bikes safely and comfortably. It is about utilizing bikes as part of multimodal transportation in a car-centric society. That there is equity, fun, and ease for each rider as they travel the roads and trails in and around the State. That BiCi Co is the best stop for bike education, affordable bike purchases/rentals, and repairs in the Hartford area. Since 1978, we have supported the local Latino community, fostering individual and community growth, and creating opportunities for all. We are FUTUROS, BiCi Co, and Transport Hartford. We are partners of the Best Chance and Hartford Youth Internship Programs, and more. We offer education and training to help adults become workplace-ready with programs to build leadership skills, increase financial literacy, and provide civic education.

Charity Mission

The Center for Latino Progress - CPRF is a partner in building stronger communities and celebrating the strength, vitality, and potential of our Latino community. Our mission is to advance the socio-economic conditions of the community at large, with emp

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