Brighter Days Grief Center

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Brighter Days Grief Center

About Charity

Brighter Days Grief Center is a Minnesota nonprofit organization serving adults, young adults, teenagers and children who are anticipating or enduring the death of a beloved family member. Although we are a Grief Center providing freeservices and resources, we are so much more than that at our core. We are a community of professionals and families turned into staff and board bound together by our own grief experiences. These experiences have inspired us to support and guide grieving families in ways that were not available to us. Our programs are designed to address the financial, logistical and psycho social aspects of grief. We realize each family member grieves differently and therefore has different needs. Our goal is to help determine those needs and provide the resources to compassionately address them. Overall, we hope to lessen the devastating impact that grief can have on a family as well as a community. By providing a compassionate space for people to gather with access to crucial programs and services, we will work to help families and communities move forward together rather than apart. We do not take this lightly; we understand that "moving forward" can seem impossible yet we believe with genuine compassion it is.

Charity Mission

To provide a private and compassionate space for individuals anticipating or enduring the death of a family member; to offer access to professional services and resources; and to instill hope by providing connection to others through peer-based events and

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