Beacon of Hope Crisis Center

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Beacon of Hope Crisis Center

About Charity

We Impact the Community by striving every day to ensure that we are informed, empowered, encouraged and ready to service our clients in every way that is needed. Providing information on victimization, crime prevention, safety planning and information on the criminal justice process and on the legal rights and protections of victims. Providing emotional support to victims and helping them with victim compensation applications. Helping victims with submitting their comments to courts and parole boards. Intervening with employers, landlords and creditors for the victims. Helping victims find transportation and shelter and many times making other arrangements that can present, such as funerals. Notifying victims of inmates' release or escape. Advocating for our clients in all ways that will help them become free from the grip of domestic violence. We help reduce crime and homicide rates by working to break the cycle of domestic violence and sexual assault in our communities.

Charity Mission

Empowering victims of domestic violence to become self-sufficient

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