Autism Moms Know Safety

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Autism Moms Know Safety

About Charity

Autism Moms Know Safety is committed to those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who have wandering tendencies and may wander or elope from a safe environment. These individuals may be non-verbal or unable to recognize danger. The AMKS Safety Kit is a free-of-charge toolkit given to autism families to help spark the safety conversations in their home. It’s a means to educate, raise awareness, and share simple tools for autism safety that can help prevent wandering or help with the necessary information if your child is non-verbal to bring them home safely. AMKS’s goal is to address the safety concerns many parents have for their loved. AMKS offers resources and safety kits to help guide caregivers towards different safety options. The kits have several products including but not limited to ID bracelets, Emergency Contact Forms, ID Card/Decals for car, laminated stop signs, If I Need Help Safety pin & more.

Charity Mission

AMKS is committed to keeping kids safe

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