Austin Discovery School - ADSI

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Austin Discovery School - ADSI

About Charity

Austin Discovery School is a tuition-free, innovative charter school serving children in grades K-8. A small, community oriented school, ADS offers spacious, naturally lit, beautiful classrooms with a low student:teacher ratio. Classrooms are full of movement and social interactions as learners work cooperatively and share their knowledge with one another. ADS features hands-on math and science and integrates literacy across the curriculum. All students attend an Essentials Class daily, which may include Eco-Wellness, Physical Education, Music, Art, Library, and/or Theater. Students in our program master the skills necessary to demonstrate social responsibility, good health, and environmental responsibility while creating and pursuing rigorous academic goals. There is a natural harmony when we come to appreciate and respect others, ourselves, and the environment we live in. By focusing on the whole child, ADS benefits our whole society

Charity Mission

Austin Discovery School creates socially and emotionally aware, confident, critical-thinkers and problem-solvers through interactive, hands-on lessons and relevant project-based learning.

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