Animal Defense League of Texas

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Animal Defense League of Texas

About Charity

The Animal Defense League is supported through adoption fees, donations, grants, bequests from individuals, and special events to raise needed funds. Directed by a volunteer board and operated by a professional management and veterinary staff, ADL provides programs and services that strengthen the bond between animals and people. Through grassroots advocacy, education, and rescue, the Animal Defense League is the leading voice for dogs and cats in crisis. ADL operates as San Antonio’s only true ‘no-kill’ facility. This means that no animal is ever euthanized if it can be treated and returned to health. If the shelter reaches its maximum capacity of 400 animals, no additional dogs and cats can be taken in but no animal will ever be euthanized to make room for others. Animals can be brought in and cared for only as others are adopted.

Charity Mission

We are a true no-kill adoption shelter for dogs and cats.

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