Angels with Misplaced Wings

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Angels with Misplaced Wings

About Charity

Angels with Misplaced Wings' purpose is to empower people to consciously contribute to their communities. Our commitment to this purpose will be demonstrated by engaging people in our journey of providing long-term and hospice sanctuary to differently-abled and senior animal companions in a loving, family and home environment. We are dedicated to providing and promoting quality, advanced and alternative health and medical care that perpetuates quality of life for animal companions; it is our intention that sharing our experiences will provide our community with knowledge, possibilities and hope. Serving and advocating for the animal welfare community will be a primary focus of our organization, cultivated through partnerships with other humane organizations to provide needed support, services, and resources. Angels with Misplaced Wings is more than an animal companion sanctuary, we are a family...a place where no one gets left behind.

Charity Mission

Cultivating a lifetime of quality care for differently-abled and senior dogs and farm animals.

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