ALS In Wonderland Foundation

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ALS In Wonderland Foundation

About Charity

ALS In Wonderland was created and inspired by the needs that many PALS face today. We are here to help each ALS family while they are dealing with the biggest challenge of their lives. ALS In Wonderland founder, Lara Blume, knows firsthand the effects that ALS has on families, as Lara's Father, Richard Blume, was diagnosed with ALS in late 2009. ALS In Wonderland is here to assist ALS families with financial needs that arise. We also act as a reliable advocate for our PALS. Currently we are serving PALS in the state of Arkansas. Our work is not only needed and wanted but imperative for the ALS community.

Charity Mission

ALS In Wonderland creates awareness and provides funding directly for the benefit of PALS.

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