A Carousel for Missoula Foundation, Inc

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A Carousel for Missoula Foundation, Inc

About Charity

A Carousel for Missoula was built by volunteers between 1991 and 1995. It is the first fully hand-carved carousel to be built in the United States since the Great Depression. Dragon Hollow Playarea, a 6,000 sq ft playground adjacent to the Carousel, was built by 4,000 volunteers in just nine days. These community treasures provide wholesome entertainment for all ages, and they represent the spirit and generosity of an amazing community. The Carousel offers free rides to disadvantaged children and youth and for individuals of all ages with physical or mental disabilities. In 2019, we will refurbish Dragon Hollow and add features to make the play area more inclusive.

Charity Mission

We nurture generosity, volunteerism, entertainment, celebration and joy in a Carousel and play area.

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