4-H Camp Wyomoco

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4-H Camp Wyomoco

About Charity

4-H Camp Wyomoco is a resident summer camp program available to all youth ages 5 to 16 without regard economic status, gender, race, religion or 4-H Status. We provide campers with positive adult role models and give them the opportunity to experience belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity. Camp encourages community building, leadership, personal growth, positive social interactions, skill building and environmental awareness through a variety of programs including: Horsemanship, Leadership, Archery, Sports, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Aquatics, Boating, Ecology, Nature and Outdoor skills. We host a variety of campers from the farm to the city. We help youth gain new knowledge and life skills. Our campers learn the value of empathy and community service. Campers work cooperatively to plan activities and are encouraged to develop leadership skills that they can take back to their communities. And we have FUN!

Charity Mission

To encourage positive youth development in campers through safe, fun engagement with supportive adults.

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