18 and Beyond Special Services

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18 and Beyond Special Services

About Charity

18 and Beyond Special Services is a 501c3 charitable organization that provides vocational, transitional and employability services to special needs adults transitioning from a high school setting to an adult setting. 18 and Beyond Special Services proudly serves people with intellectual/developmental disabilities. The agency was founded based on the belief that with a better choice of services, positive behavioral approaches, and a respectful environment, individuals with disabilities could enhance their chances to have a better life. Our goal is to teach our young adult students important self-determination and self-advocacy skills across four learning domains: 1. Education and Training 2. Employment 3. Community Orientation 4. Independent Living We also specialize in vocational rehabilitation services, supportive employment, and day habilitation for special needs adults.

Charity Mission

To provide individual learners the opportunity to participate in a safe, inclusive program with rewarding, hands on, relevant activities which includes increasing educational success, enhancing character development, and building life skills through voc

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