Coin Up is the app for change

We believe in the collective power of change. Spare change.

Everywhere you go, you’re asked to round up, to add a dollar, to make a monthly donation. Those micro donations add up to millions of dollars for charity. But here’s the thing, giving is personal, from the causes you care about, to the frequency and amount that’s right for you. Making change in the world is a reflection of who you are, so we created an app that helps you express the change you want to see.

With Coin Up, giving your way is as effortless as an automatic savings plan. You set it and forget it (until you decide to re-set it ;-). You’re always in control of your donations. And supporting the causes you’re passionate about w9ith Coin Up rewards you, the donor, with tax donation receipts, personal thank you’s, and social media posts to share the impact you create. You might even start a ripple effect by inspiring others to make change happen!

Generosity comes in all shapes and sizes from acts of kindness to charitable giving. It all matters. It all makes a difference. We’re grateful for everything you do to bring more good to the world. At Coin Up, we want to do our part to accelerate change by continually improving the app. If you have an idea to make Coin Up even better, we’d love to hear it. Feel free to drop us a note at

Thank you for joining us on this journey of change.

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